It’s Not a Cruise

Leg 4 participants gather for a briefing in the hangar.

By George Mercer

The first day of the fourth leg of the Canada C3 expedition was probably a microcosm of the days to come: meeting and greeting new people, thrust into close quarters that will no doubt require a shared respect in order to make this next leg of the voyage as successful as the first trio of trips that brought the Polar Prince to Charlottetown.

From a personal perspective, the first 24 hours have been hard to digest – after flying from Victoria on the West Coast to Prince Edward Island, the red-eye earned every bit of its name and reputation.

I know that after Day 1, others are equally tired.

But we are all here and ready for the next 10 days. Ready to explore issues. Ready to see parts of this vast country many of us have only heard or read about. Hopefully ready to bridge some differences and share perspectives.

But the take home message for me from Day 1 was a simple one, one I’ll run with for awhile no doubt, one I’ve probably used as my mantra for life on this planet, even though I probably haven’t articulated it in this way.

Simply put,

It’s Not A Cruise…

We can say that about Canada C3 and we can say it about life.

When Geoff mentioned last night that we’ll go to bed and wake up at our destination, I thought it’s easy to leave it at that, to think about it no more than that.

But we all know that someone else, a lot of people in fact, have to work together to make it happen, for us to arrive at our destination safely and in one piece.

So I’ll say it again. It’s not a cruise – we go to sleep and in the morning we’re at our destination, thanks to others.

It’s the same in our personal journey, our voyage, or expedition, or whatever you want to call it. We need the help of others to get there. We can’t do it on our own.

But we do have to put effort into it, take ownership, make decisions, do the grunt work, put our blood sweat and tears into it, relish our successes… and celebrate our victories, no matter how small… learn from our mistakes, move forward…

But it’s not a cruise.