Leg 6 in Polaroids

By: Rose Cousins

Day 1

Hebron, Labrador. Before we went on shore, we learned that in 1959 the Inuit who lived here were forced to relocate by the government, as they no longer wanted to incur the cost of supply and support. The story of the dismantling of this beautiful community was devastating to learn. We had the privilege of having two original residents of Hebron, Inuit elders, Sophie and John, to show us around, sing for us and teach us what life was like before the relocation.


Day 2

North Arm in Saglek Fjord, Labrador. A group of us hiked to North Arm Lake for a swim while others stayed on the beach to fish. Sophie made bannock and cleaned the many Artic char that were caught and cooked both over a fire. An unbelievably gorgeous day.


Day 3

Ramah Bay, Labrador. I had the privilege of singing in the first concert ever in Torngat Mountains National Park. We took helicopter rides into a mountain valley for a lesson on the landscape from Parks Canada and Inuit elder, Sophie. On our way out, the captain nosed the ship close to these incredible icebergs. So close to the frozen, ancient past. Stunning.