Some Advice For New Participants

By: George Mercer

If you are one of the lucky ones, chosen to be part of the Canada C3 expedition, I have some advice for you…

It’s not a cruise.

What you get out of it will depend on what you put into it.

So embrace it.

And listen.

You will be overwhelmed …

By being on a ship for most of your journey,

By living in close quarters with people you’ve never met before,

By the deep conversations about things that matter,

By the realization that Canada has it’s issues,

I could go on.

There is a lot to say.

But remember.

You are on a ship, with a crew ready to take you safely from start to finish.

Get to know them.

They’re on this journey with you.

And get to know the ship.

It has a history.

And you are part of its future.

Without a doubt you will get to know the C3 team.

Unlike yourself, they’ve committed to multiple legs of the expedition.

Engage them when they a have a moment to spare.

Help them when you can.

And listen to them.

They’ve got your back.

Most importantly, open your mind.

Be prepared to challenge convention.

Dive in.

Explore issues.

Share your perspective.

And listen.

There will be a lot of white noise.

This is not a quiet ship.

Some voices will carry above the others.

When you can find the time, reflect.

There’s a lot going on.

You will get to see some of our country’s most special places.

You will meet amazing Canadians from every walk of life.

Hours will morph seamlessly into days,

Before you know it, this leg of your journey will be over.

But your expedition will continue.

In some way, large or small, you will be affected.

You’ll change some aspect of your life.

Sooner or later.

It doesn’t matter when.

It will happen.

You’ll do something to make this country an even better one than it is today.

Because you aren’t just along for the ride.

And it’s not a cruise.