SOI & C3 at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention

Canada C3’s Education Team Lead Lisa (Diz) Glithero attended the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention February 15-16, 2018 where she delivered a keynote presentation to 2,200 teachers on the role of experiential education in cultivating student-driven learning titled:

The Canada C3 Expedition: The Value and Impact of Experiential Pedagogy

In this multimedia presentation, Diz shared her recent experiences serving as the Education Lead for Canada C3, a 150-day ship-based expedition that left Toronto on June 1st, 2017 and travelled over 25,000 kilometers along Canada’s coastline, arriving in Victoria on October 28th, 2017 to explore the people and places that make up Canada’s three coasts during the country’s 150th anniversary of confederation.

Four central themes shaped the Canada C3 Expedition: Reconciliation, Diversity and Inclusion, Youth Engagement, and the Environment.  Through these lenses, Lisa shared stories of community and place, the impacts and lessons learned, the emerging legacies of this epic journey, and the transformative value of experiential pedagogy.

Later in the conference, Diz also led a panel youth discussion titled:

Experiential Learning and the Link to Stewardship and Citizenship: A Canada C3 and Students on Ice Alumni Youth Panel 

Diz was joined by four youth alumni who participated as either a Youth Ambassador on the Canada C3 Expedition in 2017 or as a Student Expeditioner on recent Students on Ice Arctic Expeditions. Together, they shared inspiring perspectives on the value and transformative impact of experiential learning that leads to an ethic of stewardship and active citizenship in today’s youth.  The alumni panelists were:

Tristan Bent: Arctic 2017 Students on Ice Expeditioner 

Makrina Morozowski: Leg 14 Youth Ambassador, Canada C3 

Myia Antone: Leg 1 Youth Ambassador, Canada C3 

Simon Jackson: Leg 8, Canada C3
Founder of Spirit Bear Youth Coalition and most recently, NatureLabs