One year later – Leg 8 participant Matthew Barber

October 28, 2018 represents one year since the Canada C3 expedition completed its journey from coast to coast to coast. Canadian singer-songwriter and Leg 8 participant Matthew Barber reflects on his journey through his "Song for Nunavut".

Photo (c) Michelle Valberg/SOI Foundation

It’s been a little over a year since I had the honour of being included on leg 8 of the incredible C3 journey and I still think about it all the time. It was truly an experience like no other, and I will forever be grateful for having been given the opportunity to witness the majesty of Nunavut with such an interesting group of inspiring Canadians. There was a spirit of challenging ourselves to find, through listening and engaging with each other’s unique perspectives, the best paths forward on some of the most difficult questions facing our country like those having to do with Truth and Reconciliation and environmental protection. While I don’t believe we definitively solved any problems in our time together, I think we emerged better equipped to contribute to the discussions that will be necessarily ongoing in order for our country to move forward.

(c) Michelle Valberg/SOI Foundation

Towards the end of my time on the ship I found an hour on the back deck in the sunshine to write a song. It very much came from both my reverence for the land I was visiting and the people who call it home, mixed with the uneasy recognition that we need to do more as a country to face up to our history and chart a better path forward that maximizes respect and opportunity for all Canadians.