Canada C3 Legacy: Mission 100 Tonnes

When public participant Jimmy Vigneux, photographer and general amazing man of action, met Lyne Morissette, Science Coordinator and top communicator on Leg 2 of Canada C3, it was the start of a beautiful, environmentally-oriented partnership.

At first they named their project Mission 10 Tonnes but due to resounding success it’s now called Mission 100 Tonnes. Find out more from the indomitable Jimmy in his video, which talks about how Canada C3 inspired them to clean up the St. Lawrence and its riverbanks.

Here is a transcript from Jimmy’s video:

“Hi everyone! My name is Jimmy Vigneux and I’m a former Canada C3 participant. I went from Montréal to Baie-Comeau on the Polar Prince with inspiring people from around the country: artists, writers, scientists, athletes … it was magic, extraordinary, and life-changing. Why? It gave me the chance to meet Lyne Morissette, an extraordinary scientist, with whom we launched the 100 Tonnes mission. Our objective is to collect 100 tonnes of waste from the planet’s waterways. We want to clean up our oceans because they’re doing very poorly right now and we want to make a difference. We will do our part by removing 100 tonnes of waste. 100 Tonnes exists because of C3. Thanks to the entire team on the boat, who made this experience an extraordinary one. Thanks for existing, Geoff Green, for making the entire expedition happen. You’re a wonderful man. Thanks C3 for changing my life. I’ll see you again when we’ve collected 100 tonnes of waste. Thanks!”


Lyne Morissette, Chief Scientist onboard Canada C3 picks up garbage from the coastline in Quebec City. (c) Martin Lipman/SOI Foundation


Jimmy Vigneux exchanges artwork based on the theme: “My River and Me” made by local Grade 2 students in collaboration with the Fondation Monique-Fitz-Back (c) Martin Lipman/SOI Foundation