Retracing the steps of our ancestors

Uluriak Amarualik is based in Resolute, Nunavut. She is the granddaughter of survivors of the The High Arctic relocation that took place during the Cold War. Here she tells her life-story to artist Leslie Reid while travelling on board the Canada C3 expedition, following the same route through the Northwest Passage that her grandparents took 65 years ago.

Uluriak Amarualik (c) Jackie Dives/SOI Foundation

This recording was made by Ottawa-based artist Leslie Reid during leg 9 of Canada C3. Her recent work in painting, video and photography reflects, through her Arctic travel, an exploration of the intertwined issues of climate change, development and sovereignty activities in the Canadian Arctic, and the effects on Northern peoples and their environment.

Leslie Reid (c) Mathieu Waddell/SOI Foundation