Leg 7: Iqaluit to Qikiqtarjuaq

We experienced and celebrated the diversity and burgeoning culture of Canada’s newest capital city, Iqaluit, which was formerly a seasonal fishing area for local Inuit, hence the name meaning ‘place of fishes’. We discovered the Arctic Archipelago as we sailed by many islands and points with a history of Distant Early Warning systems, whaling and Arctic exploration. Participants heard the cry of murres and fulmars, as thousands of breeding pairs make a home on the cliff walls facing the sea. As we arrived in Auyuittuq National Park, a zig-zag skyline of craggy granite peaks and glittering glaciers awaited us, overlooking tundra valleys and steep-walled fjords whose winding waterways hold narwhal and ringed seals. Auyuittuq is Inuktitut for the ‘place that never melts’ and the spectacular Coronation glacier has a glimpse of the power that the ice caps still hold on shaping the land.