Leg 12: Tuktoyaktuk to Prince Rupert

Participants will need to pack warm clothing for this leg — we are going on a long sea voyage around Alaska! Before making our way into the United States, we will stop on Herschel Island in the Yukon. The island is the site of an abandoned community. Both the Island and the Historical Site are slowly being eroded into the sea; the same can be said of the inhabited community of Shishmaref, Alaska, where the effect of global climate change is something to be seen, in one of the most dramatic ways worldwide. The expedition will stop in some of the most remote communities of the United States, like the crab fishing villages on the Pribilof Islands. We will also travel through the Bering Strait and its picturesque Land Bridge, the Aleutian Islands with their volcanoes and sea life as well as the Yukon River, gateway to the Klondike gold rush.