Jesse Lever
Program Team

Jesse is a native of the Ottawa Valley and an alumnus of the Students on Ice 2004 Antarctic expedition. Students on Ice has had a lasting impact on Jesse’s life as it guided her interest to biology and the sciences, but also allowed her to see first hand the variety of careers that are possible. Last year, Jesse worked archiving old expedition videos for SOI and is currently working part time on obtaining the many (many) permits required for the Canada C3 expedition. Jesse also works part time as Conservation Outreach Coordinator with Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and tutors at Nunavut Sivuniksavut. Jesse has an MA in Canadian studies and Indigenous studies with a thesis in wildlife co-management and a BA in anthropology and biology. Through her studies, Jesse had the opportunity to visit the Northwest Territories and spend time on the land. She looks forward to seeing more of the North.

Jesse’s favorite part of Canada are the magnificent and diverse landscapes and the wonderfully open and kind people that she has met from coast to coast to coast. Jesse enjoys spending time in Gatineau Park, hiking, snowshoeing, tobogganing and spending time with friends, family, trees and mosses.