Kelly Tobalt

Kelly grew up in the Gatineau Hills and is a graduate in both Business and International Development.
She has lived, learnt, worked and played in many different countries on this beautiful planet. Among many she is happy to say home was a tent, car or van.
She is a perpetual explorer who periodically comes back to her hometown to see the ones she loves.
Kelly gets her good vibes, grounding and smiles from being immersed in nature. Whether it be hiking, paddling, camping, biking or simply going for a good ol’  nature walk.
She is a life-long student and feels there is something to be learnt from all who’s paths we cross.
Learning different ways of thought, seeing, interpretation, knowledge from across the globe or in her own backyard.
She loves, about Canada, that there are so many opportunities to learn from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures… and of course Maple Syrup! A must have she brings to any country she lives in