Peter Wall
Communications Team Lead

Peter leads the communications team at C3. His varied career includes work as a journalist, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He’s lived and worked on four continents, and some of his notable work includes filming at Ground Zero the day after 9/11; reporting on the 2004 tsunami from Banda Aceh, Indonesia; covering Barack Obama’s 2008 election victory from Grant Park in Chicago; shooting a mountain bike race off the back of a motorbike in East Timor; and co-founding Bali’s first coworking space, Hubud.
If you really want to get him talking, ask him about dropping his tripod in a flooded Amazonian rain forest, or working on Gord Downie’s incredible Secret Path project. He loves new technology and is particularly fond of communicating via WhatsApp. He’s been to every province and territory in Canada except for Nunavut, but hopefully that will change in 2017!

His most important role is as a husband to his wife and a parent to three wonderful boys, and his favourite thing about Canada is its incredible diversity, from coast to coast to coast.