Scott McDougall
Ship Team Lead

A devoted environmental professional and sailor, Scott has spent his career in the environmental and expedition industries. As an executive, advisor, writer and speaker in the environmental, sustainability, social investment and business communities, he has operated several social enterprises aimed at enhancing global sustainability through the private sector. Until 2012 when he sold the company, Scott was President and CEO of TerraChoice Group Inc., TerraChoice combined science and business expertise to help genuine environmental leaders build market share and accelerate progress towards sustainability. In recent years, Scott completed a speaking circuit with over 60 stops including two tours in Australia. He has also been featured as an expert commentator in the media, with appearances on Canada AM, Business Week, CBC, CNBC and publications such as the New York Times, the Economist and Newsweek.

As a sailor, Scott has completed a two-handed trans-Atlantic crossing aboard a 30 foot sloop, several sail-driven Arctic expeditions, multiple Students on Ice Arctic expeditions, several voyages on the Chilean coast of Patagonia and many ocean deliveries of vessels large and small. In 2012 he was part of a two-man expedition that was the first sail circumnavigation of the Manicouagan — the Eye of Québec. Scott is also qualified by the Royal Yachting Association as a Yachtmaster-Offshore.

His favourite things about Canada are our tolerance and diversity. And maple syrup.