Shari Fox
Journey Participant

Shari is a geographer and research scientist originally from southern Ontario. She has always had a love for winter and snow. Digging out and napping in snow caves was a favourite childhood pastime, much to the alarm of her mother. Since 1994, Shari has been working and living in Nunavut. She is part of the research faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder, at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, but through a unique arrangement with her university, is based full-time in her current home of Clyde River, Nunavut. Her research focuses on collaborative projects that bring Inuit Elders, hunters, and visiting scientists together to study the Arctic environment and environmental change. In addition to her research, Shari also works at Piqqusilirivvik, Nunavut’s Inuit Cultural School in Clyde River, a part of Nunavut Arctic College. Her work has been shared in a wide range of publications, on television, and in a recent IMAX film. Shari is also an avid dog teamer and much of the time she can be found working with her team of Inuit Sled Dogs.