Sue Finlay
Strategic Partnerships and Marketing Communications

Sue started with Canada C3 drawn in by words such as “expedition”, “journey”, “vessel” and “Canada’s three coastlines”. She joined the team to work on sponsorship, strategic partnerships and marketing for this once in a lifetime journey.

Sue considers herself a true patriotic Canadian — she loves Canada and all it stands for, so this project was a natural fit. Sue spent nine years working at Corel Corporation during their peak years as Director of Marketing and this was a catalyst to much of her current work. During her years at Corel, Sue traveled the globe honing her presentation skills and promoting Corel software, while also facilitating new partnerships and managing a large team of product specialists and worldwide events.

Sue has dedicated many years to being a mom, all the while being an avid and involved volunteer and leader in the areas of community, schools, women’s centres, refugees and other social justice issues. During these “mom years” Sue consistently took on various consultant roles and continued building her business, marketing, fundraising, public speaking and partnership skills, often spearheading new ideas and projects to lead, most notably Journey 9000 (describing the 9,000 km from Damascus to Ottawa), which brought a family of six to Ottawa whom Sue is guiding in their successful integration into Canada.

Sue is known for caring deeply about all people and the environment, is passionate about continuous learning and is looking forward to learning more about her country through the Canada C3 expedition. She is a registered holistic nutritionist, an avid soccer player with experience at the university level and she loves the outdoors, animals and reading. Her greatest pride and love are her family, especially her three incredible daughters.