Tara Mascarenhas
Program Team Lead

As a British Asian who grew up in England’s home counties, one may wonder how a new Canadian came to lead the Program Team in a project showcasing Canada’s peoples and places. However, herein lies Tara’s favourite thing about Canada — the understanding that all (non-Indigenous) Canadians were immigrants at some point and that everyone needs to start somewhere.

Tara’s passion for equity and equality led her to work post-university as a teacher in Asia and Africa and then drew her deeper into a career as a Program Manager in international humanitarian aid and development. Five years working on reconciliation and reconstruction in the post-genocide Great Lakes region of Central Africa left her with passable French but in much need of a rest, hence the decision to move to post-Taliban Afghanistan. After two years managing programs focusing on inclusion, gender equity and local economic development, Tara, now with a baby in tow, moved to post-Tsunami Sri Lanka for a further three years.   

Seeking somewhere to raise the kids with space and potential, Tara and her husband discovered the delightful Gatineau Hills in 2011. She comes to Canada C3 with an open mind and a huge appetite to work on an inspiring project of national unity.