Timothy Straka
Education Team

Educator, designer, program manager and advisor, Tim co-creates transformative learning experiences with students of all ages. With roots in Québec, Ontario and British Columbia, Tim has designed, developed and taught in education programs that have taken him to each of Canada’s provinces and territories, across North America and around the world. Tim is certified to teach in British Columbia and Ontario and committed to environmental, civic and place-based education. Seeing beyond categories and silos, Tim understands systemic change and applies creative ideas to social problems. He has worked with various levels of government, non-governmental organizations, and charitable foundations, and for several Canadian Parliamentarians. His research and professional practice are focused on sustainability.

Tim values that Canada is big, beautiful and diverse. He believes that diversity and compassion form the foundation of our democracy. Tim enjoys trail running, skiing, paddling, swimming, biking, hucking Frisbees and back-country travel.

Tim and his partner live in the Gatineau Hills.