Vicky Martins
Fundraising Team Lead

Vicky leads the fundraising efforts at Canada C3. She wears a few other hats in the team as well. She is coordinating the establishment of the Canada C3 Interactive Hubs with our museum partners, is managing the Canada C3 Legacy and is the Canada C3 link to our program ambassadors. Prior to joining Canada C3, Vicky worked in the private sector for over seven years. Vicky has also worked as a consultant in education policy and technology with the Canadian International Development Agency and the International Development Research Centre in 17 countries in Latin America and Africa. She holds a master’s in international education and policy from Harvard University and considers the outdoors to be one of her passions. She has summited Mt. Aconcagua and Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peaks in the Americas and Africa, respectively. She is a scuba diver and loves winter and summer sports alike. Among high on her list are horseback riding, tennis, paddling and skiing. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has called Canada home since 2004.

Her favourite thing about Canada is how the country has embraced diversity in the widest of terms. A very close second is Canada’s presence on the world stage. She has been to seven of Canada’s provinces and has been blown away by the beauty of their landscapes and the uniqueness of their people.