Campbell River

  • Campbell River
  • British Columbia

We began the 15th and final leg of the Canada C3 journey in Campbell River, British Columbia. We welcomed participants from all over Canada onto the ship throughout the day, and after everyone had arrived, we jumped right into our first briefing and our last safety drill with Captain Stéphan Guy. After testing out our dry suits, we got settled into our cabins and headed back to the hangar for our first C3 hour, where we got the opportunity to introduce ourselves and learn about what awaits us on leg 15 of the Canada C3 journey. It’s hard to believe we are 142 days in to this incredible expedition. We will be soaking in every moment, and we are thrilled that we have been able to share so much of Canada’s coastline and this country’s communities with you. We hope you’ll share the experience with us as we conclude this incredible journey from coast to coast to coast!