Cape Barrow (Haninnek)

  • Cape Barrow (Haninnek)
  • Nunavut

We visited Cape Barrow (Haninnek), Nunavut. This cape’s sheltered harbour was used by Inuit as a traditional hunting ground, and was also used by the Canadian Arctic Expedition in 1915 and 1916. In the morning, David Gray, Canada C3 staff member and an expert on the Canadian Arctic Expedition, visited the harbour where the expedition camped over 100 years ago. Meanwhile, the rest of the Canada C3 team went for a hike on some beautiful rocky terrain. While we were out on the land, we spotted fresh bear dung, but no bears. In the afternoon, our participant Mary Simon baked some delicious traditional bannock for the group. Then, we enjoyed presentations by Canada C3 participants, including Mary Simon, Marc Fraser and Duane Wilson. We finished the day by screening Sarain Carson Fox’s film Cut-Off. The day sparked conversations about reconciliation and the environment and the role we can all play in these two themes. We look forward to continuing the learning today.