Tookoolito Inlet

  • Tookoolito Inlet
  • Nunavut

Canada C3 continued its northward journey yesterday. The morning sun shone bright (and early!) as our ship entered a magical world of sea ice and icebergs. In every direction ice stretched to the horizon and a few small scattered islands such as Monumental and Lady Franklin loomed like dark castles in a world of white. Our sturdy ship seemed very happy to be back in the ice as we navigated amongst the many ice floes searching for Polar bears, Walrus and Seals. The C3 team spent hours on the outer decks in a state of awe and wonder, serving as the eyes and ears for all of you following and sharing this Canada C3 journey.

Later in the afternoon we approached Tookoolito Inlet along the south eastern corner of Baffin Island, named after the Inuk translator and guide Tookoolito. Check out her remarkable story here – Two polar bears, a mother and her cub, were spotted sunbathing and rolling around the ice to our starboard side. We stopped the ship and slowly got close enough for everyone to admire the two bears in their natural habitat. For at least 20 minutes, the bears frolicked and relaxed on the ice while remaining carefree about the red ship in the distance. Maybe they thought we were a strange iceberg? It was a breathtaking moment and experience to share space with such incredible inhabitants of the Arctic. The team then took zodiacs deep into the inlet and landed at a hidden cove to explore and go for a hike. The Canada C3 science team collected water and plant samples which they will study upon their return. We also found some ancient remains of Inuit that have visited this area in the past, including rock tent rings and food caches used to protect food supplies.

It was a truly glorious day where Mother Nature humbled and inspired us, and the Spirits of this land blessed us with an experience we will never forget. The beauty and power of our coastline continues to overwhelm us.