Devon Island

  • Devon Island
  • Nunavut

We continued sailing north along the coast of Devon Island to reach the most northern most point of our journey at Sophie Cove, Nunavut, 75.1 degrees north. While we were sailing, our Participant Tom Zagon from the Canadian Ice Service led a workshop on Arctic ice, to help all of us learn more about our surroundings. In the afternoon, we took to the water to see Sophie Cove from our zodiacs. We watched local birds and applied our newfound ice knowledge as we observed ice floating in the inlet. We stopped in Sophie Cove to hike and we were thrilled to spot purple saxifrage – the official flower of Nunavut. Then, we got back in our zodiacs and sailed to a beautiful waterfall. In the evening, we made our way back to the ship, where we kayaked and paddleboarded. Finally, to end the day, our visual artist Leslie gave a moving presentation of her previous work, including an aerial map of Resolute. It was a day full of learning and appreciating the beautiful environment of Nunavut.