Eglinton Fiord – Arviqtujuq Kangiqtua

  • Eglinton Fiord – Arviqtujuq Kangiqtua
  • Nunavut

A day of exploring the Canada C3 ship, and exploring on land, as we learned more from our fellow participants, and ventured into the Ravenscraig area of Nunavut. We started off our day with activities on the ship, including a writing workshop with the Globe and Mail’s Ian Brown. We flexed our creative muscles with Brown, who is also a renowned author, and award-winning journalist. We also heard from Robert Comeau, one of our leg 8 Youth Ambassadors who is part of Iqaluit’s Qayait Society, a group teaching youth the art of kayak building. He spoke of the empowerment he feels when building his own kayaks and how he plans to follow ancestral traditions by using materials such as bone, driftwood, and recycled cedar and white oak boat remnants. Participants also visited the Canada C3 ship’s science laboratory section, where they got a glimpse of what our scientists are working on during leg 8 of this journey, which includes water sampling, and researching Arctic plants. In the afternoon, we headed to Ravenscraig, a region that is located just miles from Amadjuak, Nunavut, a former Inuit settlement on southern Baffin Island. In the evening, we were treated to a superb dinner by our chef Marc Lépine, as we sailed away from Ravenscraig and into the Eglinton Fiord. Located in the Qikiqtaaluk Region near the northeastern coast of Baffin Island, the fiord is home to spectacular landscapes such as the Eglinton Tower, which measures 1,446 meters ! The mountains and crystal clear aqua waters we sailed through were breathtaking, and we are so happy to share them with you.