Hakai Institute

  • Hakai Institute
  • British Columbia

We spent the day at the incredible Hakai Institute, a unique scientific research station that conducts long-term research. Perched on Calvert Island in the Pacific Ocean, the Hakai Institute’s work is inpsired by the Long Term Ecological Research Network. In the morning, we were thrilled to meet Eric Peterson, founder of the institute, who welcomed us to the station. Eric gave a presentation, detailing the inspiration behind his founding of the Hakai Institute. We toured the facilities and learned more about the research programs. In the afternoon, we saw more of the stunning Calvert Island through hikes to beaches and look-out points near the research station. Some participants headed out in zodiacs to look for sea otters. We were excited to see a couple from a distance and venture out into the incomparable Pacific Ocean. In the evening, we returned to the ship for a dinner, organized by our Youth Ambassador Makrina Morozowski. Makrina gave each of us a ‘disability’ to simulate throughout dinner, for example only being able to say four words, or having earplugs to simulate deafness. This inspired us to reflect on the role of disability in our own lives and sparked meaningful discussions amongst the group. Overall, it was a day full of learning. Thank you to the Hakai Institute for generously hosting us!