Khutze Inlet

  • Khutze Inlet
  • British Columbia

A fantastic day on the West Coast of British Columbia. We woke up in Khutze Inlet, a mountainous cove lined with conifers. Grizzly bears are common in this area and we headed out in our zodiacs hoping to see them. We had planned to sail up a river, but the tide was too low. We got out of the zodiacs and started hiking. We noticed something that looked like a large rock – it was a grizzly bear. We watched from a distance as she dug for sedge grass roots. The bear then moved down towards the river to catch fish. We were in awe. We returned to the ship reflecting on the beauty and peace found in nature. In the afternoon, we held a sharing circle. Sharing circles are very important to our expedition, because they give everyone a chance to express their feelings, connect and learn more about each other. After the circle, we arrived at Klemtu, a small First Nations community with members of the Kitasoo and Xai’xais nations. We joined the community for a Thanksgiving feast and celebration. We shared about the Canada C3 journey. Then, the community shared some of their culture. Two dance groups performed, the Sua Dancers and the Spirit Bear Dancers. We loved seeing their traditional dances and even got to join in a couple! Finally, we ended the evening with performances by Canada C3 musicians Felipe Gomez, Patrick Watson and Old Man Luedecke. We felt so fortunate to experience both the cultural and environmental beauty of British Columbia in one day.