Koeye Camp

  • Koeye Camp
  • British Columbia

Afterwards, we went out on zodiacs looking for whales. We were lucky enough to spot a humpback! In the afternoon, we sailed to Koeye Camp. This camp for Heiltsuk youth helps them build connections to their land and culture. Situated in a picturesque setting on the Pacific Ocean, we loved visiting this camp and learning more about the programming. A group of our participants also took this opportunity to paddle on our paddleboards and traditional Inuit kayaks. We headed out in zodiacs to travel up the Koeye River and were amazed to see a few salmon still running in the river as well as bald eagles, osprey, and many other birds flying overhead. Finally, at the end of the day, we gathered in the hanger for an unforgettable dinner by our Leg 14 Chef Jamie Kennedy. It was a day to remember.