• Nain
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
Nain as seen from above

Nain is the most northern and largest community in Nunatsiavut, located about 370 km by air from Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Founded in 1771 by Moravian Missionaries, it is among the oldest permanent Inuit settlements in Canada. Nain is the administrative capital of the Nunatsiavut government and is the gateway to the Torngat Mountains National Park, making it a hub of activity for the region. As of 2014, Nain has a population of over 1,400.

We were so excited to start Leg 6 in Nain, Labrador! Our participants split up into two groups. One group headed up the mountain for a hike and the other group took an arctic char cooking class. We all came together later in the afternoon to enjoy the results of the cooking class. Thank you to the community members of Nain for teaching us your traditional cooking skills! Then, in the evening, we sailed away to continue our journey north.