Pearce Point

  • Pearce Point
  • North West Territories

We spent an incredible day exploring Pearce Point Harbour. Before taking our zodiacs to shore, we had a morning briefing in the hangar, where our participants shared their desire to keep learning about Indigenous culture and traditions, and openly discussed the stigmas surrounding mental health issues in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. We then made our way to the jaw-dropping Pearce Point Harbour, a site with spectacular rocky beaches and also a rich history – another DEW Line station can be found here, and the Canadian Arctic Expedition also came through this area. It was in this region they met Patsy Klinkinberg, an Inuit man who was promptly hired as a guide and interpreter for the expedition, and was in turn taught how to read and write. Today, an island in the Kitikmeot region has been named after Patsy. We made good use of our stand up paddle boards and kayaks, and our Youth Ambassador Abdul, who is originally from Syria, particularly enjoyed his first Arctic ocean swim (even though it may have been an accidental one). Their Excellencies Governor General David Johnston and Sharon Johnston also enjoyed kayaking in the sunshine, and paddled through a particularly special rock formation. We returned to the ship feeling invigorated by the wonderful sunshine, and had a delicious meal by our leg 11 chef Michele Genest, and our ship chefs, Paul and Mike. In the evening we had a special presentation from one of our leg 11 participants, Hovak Johnston, who has spearheaded a Tattoo Revitalization Project for Inuit women. We then gathered to watch the stunning sunset before settling in to the hangar to listen to another wonderful performance by our musician Hannah Georgas.