Teakerne Inlet

  • Teakerne Inlet
  • British Columbia

We knew leg 15 would be an emotional one, but we weren’t expecting our first day to be quite so special! Yesterday, we woke up anchored in Teakerne Inlet, near Desolation Sound in British Columbia. Our day began with a visit to the Teakerne Arm Provincial Park, where we admired the stunning Cassel Falls. A lake named Cassel Lake, located above the falls, spills fresh water into the salt water of the Pacific Ocean. As we approached these falls, hundreds of jellyfish began to surround us, which was quite a special sight. We took advantage of our incredible surroundings to take kayaks and stand up paddle boards out onto the water, and our hikers could spot kayakers below as they climbed to the top of the falls. After finishing our hike, we started making our way back to the ship when some of our kayakers spotted humpback whales in the distance. We took our zodiacs out into the calm waters of the Pacific and patiently waited as the whales surrounded us and surfaced half a dozen times. A hush fell on the group as we admired these incredible mammals. At one point, they surfaced only a few feet away from the kayakers!