• Tuktoyaktuk
  • North West Territories

Leg 11 began in Kugluktuk and ended with an incredible day in Tuktoyaktuk. We were so grateful for the warm welcome from community members in Tuktoyaktuk, and we were thrilled to be able to spend the day with you. We began the day at the new Trans Canada Trail (TCT) Trailhead marker, where we were welcomed by community members, as well as Deborah Apps, TCT President and CEO, and Valerie Pringle, Co-Chair of the TCT Foundation. We then walked with community members and Valerie and Deborah to Kitti Hall, for our Ship t’Shore show featuring presentations by our participants and a performance by Hannah Georgas! Thank you to the community of Tuk and to the team from the TCT for co-hosting with us. We then said goodbye to the Leg 11 team, and welcomed our new Leg 12 group for a BBQ at the TCT Marker. We got to know the community, and played Inuit games including a blanket game that many of our new participants tried out. After the BBQ, we headed back to the ship for one of our longest zodiac rides yet! We got settled in, had a quick dinner, and had our safety drill with Captain Stéphan Guy. We then had our first leg 12 C3 Hour in the hangar, where we introduced ourselves and talked about what we were most looking forward to for leg 12.