Wise Bay

  • Wise Bay
  • North West Territories

On our second day in Wise Bay, NWT and we met up with Fathom Marine, a marine services company, to stock up on fuel for our trip around Alaska! We began the day with a briefing and some presentations in in the hangar, which included a fun and informative throat singing workshop with Andrea. We later headed to shore to explore Wise Bay. Despite the chilly (and snowy) weather, we were grateful for the chance to stretch our legs, go for a hike, and examine the huge piles of driftwood on the beach. We even found stones with copper inside of them! We returned to the ship in the afternoon to find that both the Canada C3 ship, and the HCMS Edmonton, a Royal Canadian Navy ship, were being refuelled by our friends at Fathom Marine. Because of the size of our icebreaker, the refuelling process took a few hours, so in the meantime we got the opportunity to explore the HCMS Edmonton. Thanks for having us on board! We capped off the evening with a special Facebook Live: the first ever Canada C3 Arctic Variety Show. We heard from our youth ambassador Denise, who taught us round dancing, we listened to Andrea and Roger perform throat singing, Roger performed some songs on the harmonica, and our leg 11 musician Hannah Georgas debuted a brand new song. The talent show finished with an extra special performance featuring our expedition leader Geoff.