Peace Dancer: Reconciliation and First Peoples’ Principles of Learning

  • Author: Vanessa Tan, Surrey Schools, School District 36, Surrey, British Columbia
  • Themes: Reconciliation
  • Division: K-Grade 5
  • Available in: English, French
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This module includes three lessons focused on the First Nations Education Steering Committee approved children’s story, Peace Dancer, by celebrated artist Roy Henry Vickers and CBC Radio host Robert Budd. These lessons explore the concept of reconciliation through British Columbia’s First Peoples’ Principles of Learning. With close reading of a classic Northwest Coast legend, this module is designed to provide learners with a First Peoples worldview of reconciliation in order to lay a foundation of understanding for a subsequent study of residential schools in Canada (not addressed in this unit). These lessons ignite students’ imaginations, guiding learners through several important reading strategies. The module ends with a letter-writing project in which students write and illustrate a postcard to Roy Henry Vickers.

For educators who are unfamiliar with teaching Reconciliation, this module offers scripted suggestions to assist with teaching plans. Educators who are more comfortable with this topic are invited to adapt and modify the content to suit their teaching style.