Leg 13 in Review

Canada ‘C3’ stands for coast to coast to coast. On Leg 13 of our expedition, we finally brought this mandate to life as our ship reached the West Coast of British Columbia. This is a land of colossal mountains, majestic spirit bears, ancient conifers, joyful whales and incredibly resilient First Nations peoples. Throughout the leg, we travelled through the territory of many different nations: the nine allied tribes of Lax’walams, the Haida Nation, the Gitga’at Nation, the Kitasoo/Xai’xais Nation and the Heiltsuk Nation. We were honoured to be welcomed by these people on their land. They taught us about their traditions, their history, their hopes for the future and so much more. We would like to share some of what we learned with you. See Leg 13 in our new video.