Leg 15 in Review

Travelling from Campbell River to Victoria, B.C. on Leg 15 was the perfect way to end our epic journey from coast to coast to coast. A feeling of celebration was in the air as we neared the completion of this incredible expedition. However, our participants reminded us that we still have a great deal of work to do to build a better Canada. We need to tell the truth about the horrors in Canada’s past and to reconcile Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians for the future. We need to protect our coastline – the longest in the world – and the wonderful plants and animals that call it home. We need to not only celebrate Canada’s diversity, but work towards being truly inclusive. Lastly, none of this will be possible, if we don’t empower Canada’s youth.

Thank you for joining us on this epic journey. We hope you will also join us in looking towards the next 150 years and working towards a better Canada.

For now, let’s look back on the 15th and final leg of Canada C3.
Music: River of Nations by Alex Cuba, Andrea Menard, Heather Rankin and the Canada C3 team.