Monika Rumbolt
Youth Ambassador Leg 5

Raised near the Mealy Mountains of Labrador, Monika Rumbolt had the opportunity to experience the beauty of our land in all its glory. Salmon fishing and berry picking consumed her summers, while hunting and hiking occupied her fall. She says she was blessed to be brought up in a more traditional household, where she learned to mend nets, set traps and make traditional clothing from her grandmother and grandfather. As an active member of Nunatukavut, she loves to take part in all cultural aspects of her people. Some favourite pastimes so far have been crafting and drum dancing.

The one thing that Monika is very passionate about is our tie to the land and its wildlife. As a photographer, she uses this skill to capture the raw beauty of nature to educate the public and inspire others to engage in conservation much like herself. She believes that as aboriginal people, our tie to the land and how we manage it is a reflection of who we are as a people.