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Canada C3 connected and captivated Canadians in 2017

The expedition was just the beginning of the journey! The Canada C3 Legacy continues to grow and have positive impacts and outcomes from coast to coast to coast. Scroll and browse this site to relive the journey, access the digital classroom, see updates on recent developments, and more. Just in time for the one-year anniversary of Canada C3 we have released a commemorative coffee table book that is brimming with insightful essays, journal entries, photos and more! Purchase your copy today!

An Epic Journey to Celebrate Canada and Connect Canadians

A Canada 150 Signature project, Canada C3 was a 150-day expedition from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage that took place from June 1 to Oct. 28, 2017. It inspired a deeper understanding of our land, our peoples and our country.

Latest Videos

Leg 15 in Review

Travelling from Campbell River to Victoria, B.C. on Leg 15 was the perfect way to end our epic journey from coast to coast to coast...

River of Nations 2.0

In July, we released “River of Nations”, an inspiring song about the Canada C3 expedition. It was recorded on leg 2 of our voyage...

East Van Roasters

When leg 15 began, we knew that Vancouver would be a great opportunity to further explore our theme of diversity and inclusion. Our visit...

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Listen to the Canada C3 Podcast!

Fill your ears with sounds and stories from our expedition as we travel from coast to coast to coast.

New Blogs from the Canada C3 Team

The meaning of C3 for Kirsten Acker

Fifty years ago, Kirsten Acker's grandparents embarked on their coast to coast to coast journey across Canada in a Model A Ford. Today, Kirsten reflects on her own journey onboard Canada C3, how it has impacted her life and brought her full circle to a deeper connection with her family and her heritage.

One year later – Reflections by Chris White

“Leg 10 had maintained a precious heaviness in my chest that I did not want to lose, and I was afraid that stepping off the ship would mean stepping back into my regular life, that everything I had seen, heard, learned, and felt would fade into memory as other trips do, and that nothing would change…”

One year later – Art by Soheila Esfahani

Visual artist and university lecturer Soheila Esfahani grew up in Iran, moving to Canada in 1992, during the 125th anniversary of Confederation. It was therefore quite fitting that she should find herself in Charlottetown, the birthplace of Confederation, on Canada Day, 25 years later during leg 4 of Canada C3. She explains how C3 impacted her art practice.

Retracing the steps of our ancestors

Uluriak Amarualik is based in Resolute, Nunavut. She is the granddaughter of survivors of the The High Arctic relocation that took place during the Cold War. Here she tells her life-story to artist Leslie Reid while travelling on board the Canada C3 expedition, following the same route through the Northwest Passage that her grandparents took 65 years ago.

Canada C3 Commemorative Book is Available!

We are pleased to launch the Canada C3 Commemorative coffee table book! Available in English and French, Canada C3 Connecting Canadians: Coast to Coast to Coast is brimming with 288 pages of insightful essays, journal entries, poetry and songs, as well as stunning photography and artwork. Purchase your copy today while supplies last!

Our Partners

A variety of public and private partners are generously contributing to the Canada C3 expedition. Every story that we share, every kilometre that our ship sails and every legacy that we leave would not be possible without the kind support of the organizations listed below. Thank you!