Pablo Cervantes

Pablo Cervantes is a 38-year old man, born of a Québec mother and a Mexican father. He has a passion for travel and had the opportunity to travel to several continents. In his twenties, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (U de M) and a DESSG (HEC). He has had a passion for music since early childhood, which led him to launch a French-language album in 2010 as a singer-songwriter (Pablo Cervantes – room album). While pursuing his musical project, he has worked as an intervener with the DJP (Montréal and Sherbrooke) since 2002. For the past 4 years, he has also had the opportunity to work in tourism responsible for the complete management of the Domaine Eastman (Eastern Townships). Music continues to be part of his life and he is currently exploring new musical project with his wife Catherine Servedio (also a singer-songwriter).