Beechey Island

  • Beechey Island
  • Nunavut

We arrived at Beechey Island (Iluvilik), where the Franklin Expedition overwintered in 1845-46. Three members of Sir John Franklin’s crew are buried on Beechey Island as well as two members of the search expedition. We visited the graves, as well as the Northumberland House, where the search party set up a storage shed. We left the island on a sombre note, thinking of the reasons this expedition failed. However, after this thought-provoking trip, a celebration awaited us. We crossed paths with the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker the Henry Larsen and their generous captain Neil MacDonald invited us on board. It was a treat to explore a fellow icebreaker and meet the crew. We also returned the favour and invited them onto our ship. We were overwhelmed by the generous hospitality of the Coast Guard. What a wonderful way to end the day!