Cape Bathurst (Baillie Islands)

  • Cape Bathurst (Baillie Islands)
  • North West Territories

After slowly sailing past the Smoking Hills, we made our way to Baillie Islands, located in Cape Bathurst. Cape Bathurst, also known as Awaq, is the northernmost point of the Northwest Territories’ mainland. We ventured out to the Baillie Islands, and after a slightly muddy landing, we explored these islands which were also a landing site of the Canadian Arctic Expedition. The islands also contain remnants of a small settlement, which included RCMP and Hudson’s Bay Company posts that were later abandoned. After our day of exploration, we headed back to the ship for our final meal, cooked to perfection by chef Michele Genest. We had our last C3 hour in the legacy room, where we shared some of our favourite moments of the voyage, and what we were going to take home with us.