Gambier Island

  • Gambier Island
  • British Columbia

As the largest of four islands located in Howe Sound, this island of 125 residents is approximately 25 square miles, and its only public facility is the Gambier Community Centre. Gambier Island is also part of the Islands Trust, an organization that aims to unite small island communities in B.C. to oversee development and land use. Before exploring Gambier Island, we had our very first sharing circle of leg 15 in the hangar. Though we’ve already had two full days together, we wanted to take advantage of a quiet day to reflect on what we’ve learned and create a safe space in the hangar where we could delve deeper into the themes of the expedition. After sharing our thoughts on the first few days of leg 15, we set off for Gambier Island, where we met with staff of the Sea to Sky Outdoor School. The school designs and delivers programs that encourage individuals to understand our relationship with the earth, and the planet’s basic life support systems on which we depend, moving us closer to sustainability. The school also focuses on ecological literacy, which encourages people to apply their environmental insights in how they think and act. Members of the Gambier Island community delivered presentations on the Howe Sound Recovery Project, the Howe Sound Biosphere Reserve, and the Gambier National Park. We then opened up the floor to questions, so C3 participants could learn more about the Sea to Sky education as well as the importance of environmental preservation on Gambier Island. After a delicious lunch, we headed out on the water in 4 large 14-person canoes, where we learned more about the area from the Sea to Sky Outdoor school staff, and even did our first Facebook live from the canoes! We then headed back to the ship and sailed to Gibson, B.C., where we had a delicious dinner at Molly’s Reach. Fans of CBC’s longest running Canadian drama “The Beachcombers” will recognize this restaurant as one of the show’s chief locations!