Hartley Bay

  • Hartley Bay
  • British Columbia

We spent a fantastic day in the community of Hartley Bay. Located amongst the mountains of the West Coast of British Columbia, Hartley Bay is Gitga’at territory. In the Tsimshian language spoken by the Gitga’at, Hartley Bay is called Txałgiu. In the morning, we were thrilled to visit the Hartley Bay school. We enjoyed sharing a bit about our project and meeting the students who were so enthusiastic. Some of the students then stayed at the school with our musician Patrick Watson for a songwriting workshop, while another group of students visited the Canada C3 ship. In the afternoon, our participants also split into two groups. One group took the opportunity to go kayaking and paddleboarding, while another group visited the local salmon hatchery. At the hatchery, we learned more about the role that fishing plays in the economy of Hartley Bay today. To cap off a full day, we held one of our famous Ship t’ Shore shows! The show featured presentations by Expedition Leader Geoff Green, Youth Ambassador Piari Kauki Gentes, scientist Brian Hunt and performances by our musicians Felipe Gomez, Old Man Luedecke and Patrick Watson. It was also a great opportunity for us to thank the community of Hartley Bay for welcoming us to their territory. The day wasn’t quite over after the show – we headed to the gym for an impromptu floor hockey game. Although small in terms of population, we found Hartley Bay to be full of life.