• Paulatuk
  • North West Territories

We began day 4 of leg 11 in Paulatuk, a community of roughly 300 people, also known as Paulatuud, which means ‘place of coal’ in Siglitun. This small Inuvialuit community has deep roots in hunting, trapping, and Arctic char fishing. The community of Paulatuk is also part of the Anguniaqvia niqiqyuam Marine Protected Area (ANMPA), which protects Darnley Bay within the Amundsen Gulf. Inuvialuit from the communities of Paulatuk, Ulukhakotok and Sachs Harbour collaborated and together selected Darnley Bay/Paulatuk as an MPA. The majority of the community’s traditional food comes from Darnley Bay, and it is a critical habitat for species such as Arctic char, Arctic cod, beluga whales, polar bears, ringed seals, bearded seals, and many species of birds. Upon arrival, the Canada C3 team was greeted by Mayor Paul Rubens and community members. We also had the opportunity to visit local artists, who are known for their sculptures, prints, drawings, dance and music. We also visited the local Parks Canada centre, and had lunch with the Keepers of Darnley Bay, whom we will introduce to you shortly in another post. In the afternoon, we made our way to the Angik School, where students heard from our staff and participants, and also got to trace our journey by examining our giant floor maps! We returned to the ship for an early dinner, and gathered in the hangar for C3 Hour, where we got to know some of our new participants and discussed our day.