Resolute Bay

  • Resolute Bay
  • Nunavut

Canada C3 visited the second most northerly community in Canada and the most northern community of our journey – Resolute (Qausuittuq), Nunavut! It was a beautiful sunny day, although the locals assured us that Resolute is in fact a very cold place to live. We were greeted by the Mayor of Resolute, Susan Salluviniq, when we arrived. We then visited the memorial commemorating the relocation of the Inuit. In 1953 and 1955, the federal government relocated Inuit from Inukjuak, Quebec and Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), Nunavut to Resolute. They were promised homes and boundless hunting, but arrived to find a rocky beach with no shelter and hunting patterns they were unfamiliar with. Susan and her husband, Allie Salluviniq, told us the story of this relocation as they experienced it. It was a moving testimony and we felt very honoured to hear it. Afterwards, we hiked up Cape Martyr. Then, we headed back to town for one of Canada C3’s famous Ship t’ Shore shows. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with the community. We also distributed our Project North hockey sticks at this time and played an impromptu hockey game. Finally, in the evening, we invited two Resolute throat-singers on board our ship for a beautiful performance. It was a fitting end to a very full day learning about life in one of Canada’s most northern communities.