• Rigolet
  • Newfoundland & Labrador

Yesterday, we had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Rigolet, Labrador (Nunatsiavut). Our day began with a long walk along the longest boardwalk (8 km) in North America ending at an archeological dig of 18th century Inuit homes. We had a chance to go out and check the salmon nets with local fisherman. While out on the water we spotted some Minke whales and many ringed seals! In the afternoon, the community hosted a lunch reception at their new community call where many of the talented crafts people had their art on display including their famous sea grass woven baskets. We were thrilled to have the IBED (Inuit Bachelor of Education) staff and team join us to share their experiences and project. This is a collaborative program between the Labrador Institute and Memorial University that has also been a great partner of our Canada C3 education program. Robert Jacques, a high school student in Rigolet and alumni of Students on Ice entertained us with an impressive magic show!! Thank you Robert! At the end of the day we visited Rigolet’s museums – NetLoft and the Strathcona Museum, had a road hockey game with local youth and had the unique experience of watching Kenny clean a seal on shore. Thank you very much to the people of Rigolet for warmly welcoming us and sharing so much!