Skidegate (Hlg̱aagilda)

  • Skidegate (Hlg̱aagilda)
  • British Columbia

We took the time to visit the Haida Gwaii Museum and the Haida Heritage Centre. We then had a delicious lunch with traditional Haida food. In the afternoon, we split into groups for different activities. One group hiked along the Spirit Lake Trail, one group learned traditional cedar weaving techniques and one group learned about the repatriation of traditional Haida artifacts. To cap off this very full day, we held one of our famous Ship t’ Shore shows! It was a wonderful opportunity to share our expedition with the people of Haida Gwaii. Canada C3 musicians Patrick Watson and Old Man Luedecke performed. We also got to learn traditional Haida dancing with the group Hltaaxulang Guud Ad Kaajuu. It was a fantastic day full of learning about Haida culture and the ancient traditions on these islands.