Anne Desjardins

Anne Desjardins is a Senior Chef Consultant in hospitality and agribusiness and a geographer. An ambassador of Québec’s regional fine cuisine, for 34 years Anne was the Chef and co-owner of Restaurant-Hôtel-Spa L’eau à la Bouche, (“Mouthwatering”). A Knight of the National Order of Québec, she has gained a reputation and credibility at the highest level as a member for 20 years of world renowned Relais & Châteaux (Grand Chef, Relais & Châteaux, for a decade). Anne has received many honours and prizes. She has served as a Guest Chef, invited on international television and radio programs, committees, forums, galas and cruises to share her culinary passions. Anne’s culinary signatures are authenticity, local, seasonal, artisans and terroir. She is the author of hundreds of recipes for her restaurant, magazines, television shows, and her own cookbook.