Baies Haqani
Communications and Education Teams

Baies is a proud Afghan-Canadian, a middle child of seven and was born in Cornwall and raised in Ottawa, Ont. He recently graduated with highest honours with a B.Sc. in human kinetics from the University of Ottawa. Throughout his undergrad, Baies has worked in a world-renowned environmental physiology laboratory as a Research Assistant. He has also published an article in the peer-reviewed journal Physiological Reports. He was the recipient of several awards including the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Undergraduate Award for the highest standing in his graduating class in the scienceportion of their curriculum. He was also awarded the Sean Egan Memorial Award for his leadership in physical activity related to health and promotion of health awareness in his community. Lastly, Baies was nominated for the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

Baies spends his time exploring his many interests in education, medicine, social justice, philosophy, learning and, most of all, people. Give him 10 minutes of your time and he will immediately become your best friend. He believes the first step in investing in someone is believing in them. Ultimately, Baies wants to continue to build bridges for the rest of his life, no matter the distance that lies between them.

His favourite part of Canada is the experience of traveling the world through the incredible diversity of the people, places, communities, experiences and stories.