Tyler Waboose
Youth Ambassador Leg 7

Born from two Matawa community members, Tyler Waboose is first-generation “city-born” and was raised in Thunder Bay, Ont. A disconnection to his ancestral heritage leads him to explore both the similarities and differences in Northern Canada.

Fascinated by flavours, it became clear to Tyler that he should learn the trade of cooking. In 2015, he was trained by the Ring of Fire Training Alliance in the Remote Camp Cook Program with intentions of preparing Matawa band members for the potential influx of job opportunities mining might bring. While finishing the last two credits Tyler needed to obtain his OSSD, he was introduced to Roots to Harvest. Roots to Harvest is a non-profit organization focused on urban and local agriculture as well as engaging youth through food to promote community, life skills and leadership. After participating in one of their weekly lunch programs, Tyler progressed from Seasonal Horticultural Outdoor Worker to Food Intern and now to Cooking Skills Facilitator; hosting the program he once participated in.

Enduring the cold for the game of hockey, Tyler developed a love for winter and has longed to experience the climates of the North. Not only will his journey from Iqaluit to Qikiqtarjuaq continue his admiration for the North, but he anticipates it will also lead to self-discovery. Through all the people he meets and stories he hears, he hopes to gain perspective on culture.