Book Legacy

Recreate recipes from the experience, read essays from C3 Youth Ambassadors, and take in the beautiful photography and stories from the journey.

Canada C3 Coffee Table Book

Featuring the people, the places, the coastal communities, and the conversations of the journey from coast to coast to coast. Many C3 participants submitted reflective pieces that will be brought together by imagery and maps to give a full account of the Canada C3 expedition.

Canada C3 Cookbook

Not surprisingly, at the centre of these important conversations and incredible connections, were shared meals. On each of the 15 legs of the journey, Canada C3 welcomed on board a well known Canadian Chef to represent Canada’s food culture. This book will include these chef’s recipes as well as stories of the food, land, people and conversations around the table (in the mess/hangar).

Youth Book

Perspectives of Young Canadians on the Future of Canada: Reconciliation, the Environment, and Diversity and Inclusion. This book will consist of essays contributed by young Canadians, between the ages of 18 and 25, who served as Canada C3 Youth Ambassadors on this pan-Canadian voyage, as well as perspectives of other notable Canada C3 young adult participants whose recognized work in their respective fields is collectively aimed at effective modes of youth/public engagement to drive change related to the environment, reconciliation, and/or diversity and inclusion.