Remarkable Places & Threatened Ecosystems

Written and read by Lorna Crozier (Victoria, B.C.), featuring music by Rose Cousins (Halifax, N.S.)

by Métis and Nêhiyaw writer Lisa Bird-Wilson (Saskatoon, Sask).

Potolik (for Roger)
Rising from water
Rock ripples like windblown snow
Diving up to sky

From trees, ravens scold
Visitors from rough water –
Paulatuk at noon

John Max
Sharing land knowledge
Of Bowhead hunter’s offering –
Listening makes us rich

C3 Elders
Elders say I learned
From my grandparents how to hunt
And how to be kind

Sutton Island
Blue sky through boat ribs
Bust by an easterly wind –
Roger remembering


Recipe for Change
by chef Anne Desjardins (Val-David, Qué)

An unexpected invitation
Sailing and cooking on the oceans surrounding Canada
A dream of youth, an unexpected privilege

Choose your share of land and ocean…

eyes, wide open
ears, extremely attentive
overflows welcome
exceptional people encounter
multiple origins, multi-ages, atypical paths, plural talents…

unique landscapes
omnipresence of the primary elements of our planet
truth of the participants

Everyone shares with the other an emotion
that goes beyond the first glance
no stress, no effort, just open, attentive, caring

I am fascinated
all are together
all share
everyone transmits his share of truth
without or with restraint
sometimes old messages that were waiting to be told
others that finally resonate
I get it five by five
all my senses are challenged
I feel connected vertically, laterally…
My hands that like to turn ingredients into foods
that make people happy and nourish
these hands and my soul are filled
initiation, sharing of knowledge
Boreal abundance is palpable

Cooking is sharing
It is transforming a living matter
into food
according to the place, the terroir, the time
with just know-how
To eat is to feed oneself, to recharge oneself, it is to share, to continue

Exceptional moments
unique, yet universal
upsetting for the vintage person that I am

I will cherish the memory of those moments…
like flashing ephemeral gifts


Canada C3 Science in Action

Fisheries biologist Dr Daniel Hatin explained how tracking fishes leads to conservation strategies, while ocean scientist Dr Lyne Morissette shared her 90-second Marine Litter Challenge.

Arctic Ice

As the Polar Prince sailed along the coast of Baffin Island, participants contemplated the beauty and fragility of the Arctic ecosystem.